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WEAA 88.9 Mission Statement

WEAA 88.9 is a public radio station that strives to educate and enlighten Baltimore and beyond by offering programming that is culturally diverse and artistic in nature.  As the leading provider of jazz, news and public affairs programming WEAA 88.9 operates free from commercial influence. National news and talk are complemented by our award-winning locally produced interactive content.  Consistent with public radio’s core values of integrity, credibility and respect of our listeners we maintain the highest journalistic standards.  WEAA 88.9 is a professionally staffed, member and community supported broadcast service of Morgan State University.  As a broadcast training facility we are committed to the use of emerging technology to provide a more interactive approach to content development, music and cultural expression.

Who is WEAA 88.9?

  • WEAA 88.9 is an exquisite mixture of programming. Mainstream and contemporary jazz dominates the airwaves and is complimented by gospel, reggae, and public affairs programming.
  • WEAA 88.9 was named 1999 Jazz Station of the Year by Gavin Magazine
  • WEAA 88.9 is a non-profit, National Public Radio Station that serves the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area; licensed and owned by Morgan State University
  • WEAA 88.9 is a community-oriented radio station, which through its programs stimulates positive interaction between Morgan State University and the community at large
  • WEAA 88.9 provides social, political, and multicultural programs in an effort to raise the consciousness of the listening audience about societal diversity and serves as a professional training facility for students interested in broadcasting careers
  • WEAA 88.9 promotes academic excellence through enhancement of Morgan State University by providing radio broadcast training to students, volunteers, and community leaders.
  • WEAA 88.9 reaches out to its multicultural audience with a format that is morally, educationally, and musically stimulating
  • WEAA 88.9 began operating on January 10,1977 and operates at 12,600 watts, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • WEAA 88.9 is a member of National Public Radio (NPR), Eastern Public Radio (EPR), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Public Radio Program Directory (PRPD), The Public Broadcasting Management Association (PBMA), and the Development Exchange.

Who listens to WEAA 88.9?

  • WEAA 88.9 attracts an audience distinguished by its level of education and professional success.
  • The individual profile of the average WEAA 88.9 listener is very desirable-affluent, educated, business leaders, and community active African American citizens in the 25-54 age group.
  • The audience is comprised of 64% Males and 36% Females.
  • Public Radio listeners are nearly two and a half times as likely to have a college degree; over three times as likely to hold a graduate degree.
  • 62% of the listeners have household incomes exceeding $50,000.
  • 88 % are professional, manager or administrator.
  • 75% own or use a personal computer, and are twice as likely to use on line services.
  • Listeners are more than 3 times as likely to be involved in cultural events, attend theater and concerts.
  • 2 times as likely to be avid book readers.
  • 52% more likely to be interested in stocks and bonds



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