Wednesday September 17, 2014

The Audio Infusion
Sunday, 12am- 5am

DJ Patrick Scientific is co-leader of The Audio Infusion along with Jus-Spin. Patrick has most of the shows duties on his shoulders. Most of the scheduling of guests and programming of the show and weekly events goes through him. In addition to that Patrick maintains and updates the web site and the myspace page.

Patrick is always in constant contact with record lables, promotions companies, DJs and recording artists themselves promoting the show and trying to get more music to the show. Even after all of the fore mentioned duties, he still ends up finding time to put together mixes for the show.

Believe it or not DJ Patrick Scientific started out (and to this day still is) a street promoter for LaStreet Promotions. Every once in a while he would bring DJ Willie music to play on The Audio Infusion. Patrick always conceptually knew how to mix but never really pursued it. At a friends house Patrick got on a friend's turntables and surprised them. Seeing that it was something he enjoyed he decided to take the monitary plunge and purchase 2 turntables and a mixer. After making a couple of house mixes in which one got played on The Underground Experience with DJ Oji and DJ Pope on WEAA 88.9 FM, he arbitrarily tried to make a Drum and Bass mix. This was the first mix that got played on The Audio Infusion. After that he soon asked DJ Willie if he could intern on the show. Giving Willie records in the past probably helped in that decision but at the time Willie needed another person to be on the show. Willie just told Patrick to be on the show and Patrick became a member of The Audio Infusion.

On the show you can find Patrick playing anything. House and Drum and Bass will always get played. Patrick also gets off on trip hop and turntablism music. People like DJ Goo, Q-Bert and DJ Cam are what he likes to play at 4AM.

Patrick considers himself a House DJ but plays just about anything on The Audio Infusion. It doesn't really matter to him. He just hopes the show grows and wants someone from the show to go beyond WEAA and if not make it big in the music industry, at least take it to that next level.

Questions for the DJ:
1. What is your favorite food?
None really...Not really a foodie but I do like to eat.

2. Where did you grow up?
Baltimore, Maryland (Whitelock City)

3. What do you like most about working in radio?
I've always like the medium. I also like the fact that no one in upper management at WEAA dictates what I have to play. Creative control is important.

4. What is your favorite book/books?
Comic Books (anyone who got off Planet Earth...Silver Surfer and others)

5. Top five favorite artists of all time?
Hanna, Run-DMC, Bob Marley, Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force,
Ultramagnetic MCs with their associates (Tim Dog and Paul C)

6. Favorite live performance attended?
1999 World DMC Championships in New York.... Hey, I'm a DJ.

7. Vinyl, CD, or MP3?
I love vinyl and the sound of it but MP3s are soooooo inexpensive. It is
just the way technology is.

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