Tuesday September 02, 2014

Nathan East

It’s hard to believe that a musician with the talent and relationships of one Nathan East would be in the business for 30 years having never put out a record of his own…not to say that Mr. East hasn’t been busy. He’s laid the bass line for the likes of Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Daft Punk among many others. His most notable jazz associations are as a member of the group Fourplay. Bob James and Chuck Loeb from Fourplay are a couple of the notables contributing to Nathan East’s debut album as a leader. Michael McDonald, Ray Parker, Jr. and even Nathan’s 13-year old son Noah are part of what should be a special occasion upon it’s official release date, March 25th. Incredible. I can’t tell you the last time a CD has had this much buzz before coming out. Nathan spreads his solid, fat and warm bass tone on grooves that are funky and upbeat with a whole lot of melody as he hits a few cover tunes like Stevie wonder’s Sir Duke and Overjoyed to the classic Moondance and several original tunes. Nathan even showcases his silky voice on a few tunes. One thing for sure, the sky is the limit for this bassist that continues to reinvent himself and remains relevant in this day and time. Our CD of the month is the self-titled debut recording for Nathan East, on Yamaha Entertainment.

Harvey Mason

Our CD of the month comes from one of the top drummers in jazz and just so happens to be an overall WEAA favorite. I’m talking about drummer Harvey Mason’s latest CD “Chameleon”, which can be found on Concord Records. The title track of the CD is a tune that he co –wrote with NEA Jazzmaster, pianist, composer and educator Herbie Hancock. Matter of fact, all of the material recorded on this CD are either tunes that Harvey wrote or co-wrote over his 5 decades in the business as he’s still going strong.

Before becoming one of the founding members and 1/4th of the jazz powerhouse known as FOURPLAY, Harvey Mason was playing and writing for some of the top musicians and vocalist across genres. On Chameleon he revisits Donald Byrd’s “Places and Spaces”, Grover Washington Jr’s  “Black Frost”, Bobby Hutcherson’s “Montara” and one of my favorite’s on the CD, Leon Ware’s “If I Ever Loose this Heaven”.

What I love about this CD is the fact that Harvey is solidifying the growth of the musicians in this art form that we call jazz. He reaches out and brings in a new generation of rising stars in trumpeter Christian Scott, vocalist Chris Turner and an incredible keyboardist who’s name is popping up on several notable projects these days, his name is Kris Turner (be on the lookout for him). This release allows you to relieve some memories as well as enjoy the growth of these tunes as they are presented with fresh arrangements. Listen in all month long to hear new tracks from the latest release of Harvey Mason, Chameleon, our CD of the Month her on WEAA.

Warren Wolf

If you’re not watching and listening carefully, it might be easy to think that Warren Wolf is a study in contradictions.

He can move effortlessly from vibraphone to drums to piano. He’s studied everyone from Mozart to Miles, Bach to Bobby Hutcherson.

And though physically he comes off like a body builder, his touch on the vibe’s bars can be as light as a feather.

But what’s clear is that all of these attributes have worked together to make the 33-year-old Wolf into one of the most formidable young jazz artists on the scene.

“His talent is so far off the radar screen,” Wolf’s mentor, bassist Christian McBride has said. “Everything you want in a musician, he has that times 20.”

Wolf proves the compliment to be no exaggeration on his latest release, Wolfgang, on Mack Avenue Records. An obvious play of words between his name and that of the aforementioned 18th-century composer, Wolfgang is the Baltimore native’s sophomore release on the label, and features two different three-man rhythm sections. One features Benny Green on piano, Lewis Nash on drums, and the Grammy-Award-winning McBride. The other brings together pianist Aaron Goldberg, drummer Billy Williams Jr., and another one of Charm City’s favorite young jazz artists, bassist Kris Funn.

No matter the combo, each track on the album takes you on a lyrical journey, with easy yet rich melodies. “Sunrise,” which opens the CD, feels just like its name, beginning with languid piano chords and slow vibes, building to a bright and breezy dance. “Lake Nerraw Flow,” (Wolf’s name spelled backward) evokes an easy conversation between piano, vibes and bass. “Setembro,” the Ivan Lins/Gilson Peranzzetta composition made classic by Quincy Jones gets an even smoother, more lush take under Wolf’s direction and singer Darryl Tookes’ vocals.

Adding to the mix are two pieces with label mate Aaron Diehl on piano, with whom he shares an appreciation for classical music. “Wolfgang” and “Variations Sur ‘Le Carnival De Venise’” are examples of the kind of rare juxtapositions and conversations between jazz and classical idioms that make music exciting. And rather than sounding jarring or disjointed, Wolf and Diehl elevate the two to a harmonious new space that deserves revisiting.

That the Berklee College of Music grad focused on beautiful melodies for most of the tracks on this release speaks to his mission this time out. “I wanted to display the beauty of the vibes,” Wolf is says on the album’s press materials. “It goes back to my goal for this album: record melodies that people actually enjoy.”

Tune in all month long as we feature tracks from the release and give you an opportunity to win Wolfgang, our CD of the Month on WEAA 88.9 FM.

Carla E. Wills

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