Remembering WEAA's First Day of Broadcasting: January 10, 1977

Jan 10, 2017

WEAA first began broadcasting on January 10, 1977. For the station's 40th anniversary, read the story of WEAA's first year, as told in a 1977 issue of Morgan Magazine.

An excerpt:

"Through the involvement of over a score of community groups, the station has captured the ears of a wide variety of listeners. A recent letter-writing campaign in support of the station's efforts to begin broadcasting 24 hours resulted in over 10,000 responses...Already, some of the other radio stations in Baltimore's black community have been making subtle changes in their musical programming. Before WEAA came on the air, listeners could only hope to hear the short, fast-paced, pop tunes, better known as "Top-40" selections, on those stations. Now, it is possible to tune in and hear longer jazz selections which are not specifically designed or AM radio air-play. Kweisi Mfumé, program director of the station, says his goal is to 'revolutionize the listening habits of the Baltimore community.'"