St. Mary's County student gunman confirmed dead, 2 students injured

Mar 20, 2018

Sheriff Tim Cameron says the gunman in today's shooting at a school in Great Mills is dead. At a news conference, Cameron said a female victim is in critical condition, while another male student is in stable condition.  

The gunman and the victims are all said to be students of Great Mills High School.  The shooting occurred at the start of the school day.  Sheriff Cameron said the school's resource officer engaged the shooter. 

Governor Larry Hogan says today's shooting at a school in St. Mary's County should serve as a call to action on school safety.  Hogan issued a statement that said while he and the state's first lady are praying for the injured and the community, prayers "are not enough."  He said today's events shouldn't be an excuse to "pause our conversation about school safety."

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer is repeating a call for broader gun controls after the latest school shooting in the U.S.  Hoyer said Congress must move quickly to broaden background checks and ban military-style assault weapons.  He called them "guns of war."  Hoyer represents the district where the shooting occurred.

Watch the news conference held by St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron here.