Michelle Petties
Director of Corporate Underwriting

Michelle Petties has headed WEAA 88.9’s underwriting department since the Fall of 2010. She brings to WEAA 88.9 more than twenty- five years of experience in implementing and executing national and local campaigns for a diverse portfolio of organizations and companies.  Michelle is a dedicated advertising and media professional committed raising the development and underwriting profile of WEAA 88.9.  The WEAA 88.9 underwriting department has developed a number of programs, packages and opportunities designed for the benefit of WEAA 88.9 supporters and sponsors. Michelle and the WEAA 88.9 underwriting team are committed to providing creative, smart, cost effective ideas, and results driven solutions for an ever growing family of underwriters.

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of Texas at Arlington and will soon begin work on her MBA in non-profit management.

The team is currently launching WEAA 88.9’s Underwriting & More Roadshow. Each month underwriting representatives from WEAA 88.9 and other media will provide short form presentations (Strategic Underwriting, Marketing, and Advertising for Small Businesses: Seven Easy Steps) for a select group or organization in the community. If you and your group (of fifteen or more) would like for WEAA 88.9 come speak to your organization about best advertising practices for your small businesses, contact Michelle Petties at the email address or phone number below.

For more information on becoming an underwriter on WEAA 88.9, volunteering or interning in the WEAA 88.9 underwriting department, you can email Michelle at Michelle.Petties@morgan.edu or call 443-885-4528.

Kassandre Monsanto
Underwriting and Development Associate

Kassandre Monsanto, the newest addition to WEAA 88.9’s underwriting department takes her clients to new heights. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the recent graduate earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Morgan State University.

Kae began her tenure at WEAA 88.9 as an underwriting intern, worked as the assistant producer on the Marc Steiner Show in 2012 and returned to underwriting department in January 2013. She provides versatility and a fresh perspective for clients looking to underwrite on WEAA 88.9. SEIU, the Baltimore School for the Arts and the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies are just a few of her most recent clients.

Experienced in both the non-profit and public relations arena, Kae has a strong passion for public media and blogs at www.kaewashere.com, where her podcast Talk About It is featured.

Reach her now at kassandre.monsanto@morgan.edu and learn how she can assist with your underwriting needs. Promote and position your business for success on WEAA 88.9 today!