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Tuesday September 16, 2014

Arthur Mahlangu (DJ Lovey) Africa and worldbeat host/director has been affiliated with WEAA since 1989.He started the show while still student at Morgan State University.DJ Lovey was born in Soweto, Johannesburg South Africa under the apartheid. As a freedom fighter,he fought for the struggle to dismantle apartheid,was jailed under the state of emergency and sentence to 11 months in jail,4 in solitary confidement.He was kicked out of high school by white regime as a president of Azanian Student Movement (AZASM). DJ Lovey came to the state to join his exiled mother and further his studies. As a political activist,he organised rallies here at Morgan with international students to protest against apartheid and the release of Mandela.DJ Lovey started Africa and Worldbeat show as a voice for South Africa and music,later included all the african music and politics.He has interviewed countless musician and have received several awards from the States and Abroad. He lost his wife,Francina from breast cancer in 2007 and became a single parent of 3, Jr,Princess and Kola. His show is always provocative with good music and daily events talk.

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