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Earlier this week, Governor Larry Hogan directed the state health department to begin publishing everything that is available on racial and ethnic breakdowns on COVID-19 cases, with updates as more data becomes available.

Governor Larry Hogan has directed the state health department to immediately take actions to provide further demographic breakdowns of all Maryland case data, including hospitalization rates and mortality.

As of this Sunday, Maryland is reporting 3,609 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Nearly 25,000 people have tested negative for the virus, 936 have been hospitalized, 159 have recovered and released from isolation, and there are 67 deaths. 


The Maryland Health Department is reporting 2,758 COVID-19 cases across the state including 42 deaths.  

The Maryland Department of Health reports as of Tuesday, there are 1,660 confcases of novel coronavirus in the state. There have been 14,868 people to have tested negative for the virus; the number of deaths are at 18; 429 are hospitalized and 53 patients have been released from isolation.