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A former public corruption official is calling for an investigation into State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's financial records.  Former chief investigator James Cabezas wrote to the state prosecutor asking him to look into Mosby's omission of three companies on her financial disclosure.  Mosby's 2019 statement leaves out her ownership of Mahogany Elite Travel, Mahogany Elite Enterprises and Mahogany Elite Consulting.  Her frequent travel over the past two years has drawn attention to her overall financial picture.

The Baltimore State's Attorney's Office is reviewing the actions from a police officer in a 2016 arrest after a 45-second video of the incident surfaced. The video showed a Baltimore police officer kneeling on a man lying on the ground, then pulling out his gun and holding it by his side, over the man's head and telling bystanders to back off. Attorneys say that the same officer has been named in another high-profile excessive force case that involved the in-custody death of Tyrone West in 2013, the officer is being identified as Jorge Omar Bernardez-Ruiz.

Baltimore County Public Schools plan to begin the fall semester with virtual learning.  According to a draft of the plan approved by the Board of Education the school year will start on September 8 and there will be virtual instruction through at least the end of the first semester.  Schools will keep a bell schedule and the amount of teacher instruction will increase from last year.