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City Officials Vow To Halt Surge In Violence 


Baltimore School Officers Changing Roles 

Baltimore City school police officers will no longer carry weapons inside schools, but School Police Force Chief Marshall Goodwin says bike and foot patrols are being developed so officers can carry guns outside school buildings and enter buildings in an emergency. Last month, Baltimore City’s delegation in Annapolis struck down a measure that would allow officers to carry guns in schools. 

Maryland State Archives

O'Malley: Presidency Not "Crown" Between Two Families 

  City To Send Out Water Turn-Off Notices 

Maryland School Systems Seek Snow Day Waivers

Eleven school systems in Maryland are asking for waivers for snow days used this winter, and state education officials say others will likely make similar requests in the coming weeks. Yesterday, the state school board voted to give local systems up to a three-day waiver from the 180-day school year requirement. Under the plan, Maryland State School Superintendent Dr. Lillian Lowery will consider the waiver requests on a case-by-case basis. 

Six Sickened By Carbon Monoxide