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Ravens ‘FANatic’ Salina Williams| Purple Pride Reflected in Her Ride & Dye

This article was written by Ursula V. Battle with The Baltimore Times

Many people call Salina Williams “The Baltimore Ravens’ #1 Fan” and it might be hard to dispute she hasn’t earned the right to the title. This Ravens ‘FANatic’ flocks to the team’s home and away games whenever she can, dyes her hair purple, fashions her fingernails after the team, and her own ‘nest’ is chock full of Ravens memorabilia and other merchandise. She owns a pair of Ravens tennis shoes, stenciled the steps of her residence with the team’s logo, and even had her purple Chevy Super Sports Roadster decked out after the city’s hometown NFL franchise to show her team pride.

Williams admits her Chevy Roadster turns many heads whenever she drives it.

“Not only does it turn heads, but I got it souped-up, so it’s a roaring rumble too,” she smiled. “I’m a Ravens fan period. But I have got to say I love my Lamar Jackson. He is my favorite player on the team. I love the way he came in and just took over the team. I enjoy watching him play because you never know what you’re going to see. Lamar broke all kinds of records, and that’s amazing to me. My oldest son is a Chicago Bears fan. We beat Chicago, and I told my son, ‘Don’t ever mess with Mama’s team. Mama wins all the time.”

She said her sports enjoyment dates back many years.

“I have always liked sports, but I love football,” said Williams. “When the Colts left, I would cheer for different teams, because we didn’t have a team. But then came the Ravens. Purple has always been my favorite color since I was a kid, and when the color purple was picked for the team, I was floored.

“I get dressed up for every game, and tailgate at my house. I cook a spread even if it’s just me and my husband. When we have guests, I cook an even bigger spread. My basement is Ravens-outed. I’m a diehard fan.”

Williams grew up in Harford County. She has seven children – five sons and two daughters, 22 grandchildren, and retired from Comcast. The family also includes Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills fans, and her home is a popular gathering place for relatives and friends to watch NFL football.

The 63-year-old is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon when it comes to her beloved Baltimore Ravens.

“I have a Ravens Christmas tree in the basement that stays up all year long, a Ravens bird that I put in my window every Sunday so people can see it, and Raven flags outside,” said Williams. She said she plans to ‘fly’ behind her ‘birds’ all the way to Los Angeles, CA, where Super Bowl LVI, is being held on Sunday, February 13, 2022.  

“Once we get our players back who have been out with injury, the Ravens should have a good run to get back into the Super Bowl,” she predicted. “I plan to attend.

“I also want the Ravens to know that I’m willing to use my car to take them for a ride in my Chevy Roadster. I would love it.”