Cara Williams

Host, Two Way Talk

Cara Williams, co-host of WEAA’s Two Way Talk is a senior at Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication. 

Cara has won multiple journalism awards and is a staff writer for the university’s newspaper, The Spokesman. 

Before attending Morgan State, her penchant for service led her to serve with the United States Navy, Baltimore City Police Department for twenty years and the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office for 2 ½ years. 

Cara pursued a career in journalism because she loves to extract facts and hold public officials accountable. 

She recalls being inspired by a White House journalist during the Barack Obama administration, "If I were a journalist, I would ask all the hard questions”.

When she isn’t working, Cara enjoys singing, cooking and caring for the elderly. 

Conversation with Roger Young, senior retirement insights manager for Individual Investors. 


WEAA photo

Jazz on the Narrows, the inaugural music festival, took place on Kent Island Friday, August 13 through Sunday, August 15. 

The live jazz event, presented by blues musician Muddy Waters’ daughter Mercy Morganfield, highlighted artists from across the country.

Infused with different cultures, performers, vendors and festival-goers filled the venue with laughter, dancing and positive energy.  

WEAA reporter Cara Williams caught up with Mercy Morganfield to talk about the significance of Jazz on the Narrows.

With the pandemic still looming across the US, has this caused a shortage of nurses and other front-line staff ? WEAA's Student Reporter Cara Williams spoke with the Dean at The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. 

Millions of Americans are suffering from low credit scores or no established credit.

The U.S. Government is starting to deposit Child Tax Credit money into the accounts of more than 35 Million families.

In Maryland 52,000 families are expected to be lifted out of poverty according Maryland Senator VanHollen. 

Student Reporter Cara Williams brings us a report on how the child tax credit will impact you locally.