News Wrap: Officer Succumbs to Injuries, Bishop Charged

Jan 12, 2015


Bishop Charged in Bicyclist Death

Episcopal Church Bishop Heather Cook faces several charges in connection to the deadly hit-and-run in Baltimore of bicyclist Thomas Palermo just after Christmas. Cook is being held in the Baltimore City Detention Center accused of hitting Palermo and leaving the accident scene.  Officials say she was texting and veered into the bike lane, hitting Palermo from behind. Charges against her include vehicular homicide and DUI.  

Officer Craig Chandler died Friday from injuries sustained in a November crash
Credit Baltimore Police Dept.

Baltimore Officer Dies From Injuries 

Baltimore police officer Craig Chandler, who was injured in a crash last November, is dead from his injuries. Chandler was one of three officers hurt in the Nov. 23 incident. Police say the officers were trying to stop a man on a scooter when the two vehicles collided and the police cruiser hit a telephone pole. Chandler, who was 27 years old, was a 6-year veteran of the department.

Senate Democrats to Hold Retreat In Baltimore 

Senate Democrats will gather in Charm City later this week for their annual policy retreat. Senator Barbara Mikulski says it could be the first time in a decade the yearly meeting is being held in Baltimore. The retreat will take place Wednesday and Thursday, capped off by a visit from President Obama. Mikulski says the meeting will focus on the economy and how Democrats will approach their role in the minority.

Body Pulled From Inner Harbor 

Baltimore officials are still waiting to identify the body pulled from the Inner Harbor over the weekend. Divers recovered it about three hours after someone reported seeing a man jump in the harbor. Officials say it happened Saturday afternoon near the pier on South Bond Street. 

Baltimore Homicide Analysis Reveals Intriguing Data 

There were 211 murders in the city last year, and a recent analysis by the BPD reveals some interesting information.  Handguns were the most common homicide weapon, used in about three-quarters of cases. Of the 211 cases in 2014, 190 were African American and 189 victims were men, but fewer than 15 percent were suspected gang members. Roughly half of the year's homicide cases have not been closed.