Police release video of car possibly involved in shooting of 7-year old girl

Jul 9, 2018

Seven year old Taylor Hayes remains hospitalized in critical and unstable condition after being shot Thursday afternoon while riding in the back seat of a Honda Accord.

Investigators say a bullet entered the trunk of the car and struck Taylor. Another child and adult were in the car, but not injured. However, the driver of the car--33 year old Darnell Holmes was arrested--not in connection with the shooting, but on separate gun and drug charges. Police say Holmes in not cooperating with authorities to help find the shooter.

Meanwhile, over the weekend--on their social media sites-- police released a video of a four door white Mercedes Benz seen in the area of the shooting in the Edmondson Village area.  Authorities say the person responsible [for Taylor's shooting] is on the street and added that it's a heinous act of violence, and someone needs to be held accountable.