Shyne Boggs: Multiplatform Production

Sep 9, 2021

I am Shyne Boggs and I'm from Coatesville, PA. I'm a hardworking and dedicated individual who excels in stress induced situations and has a knack for dealing with people.


Currently, I'm studying multiplatform production at Morgan State University and I’m pursuing experiences within the entertainment industry.


In high school, I was the captain of the girls basketball team for 3 years due to my phenomenal leadership and teamwork skills.


I've  also had a solid past of customer service which helped me gain better communication and organization skills. I know the knowledge I have gotten from those years will help me maneuver my way through anything.


Currently, my interests are graphic design, photography, film, sports and music, which I hope to use in my future endeavors.


After I graduate it's my goal to pursue a career as a video content producer for an NBA team. Sports organizations rely heavily on their video content, which is seen by millions around the world. I know with my passion for service, desire to connect others through storytelling, and commitment to the world of sports, I will be a catalyst for positive change for media in the sports industry.

Graphics by Shyne Boggs
Photography by Shyne Boggs
Photography by Shyne Boggs
Photography by Shyne Boggs