The Morgan Show

The Morgan Show is a weekly sports talk show produced by Morgan University students in the School of Global Journalism and Communication.

The show is hosted by Morgan play-by-play announcer Lamont Germany and student-host Cayla Sweazie. 

The Morgan Show: The latest on MSU football, tennis

Sep 17, 2021

Hosts Lamont Germany and Cayla Sweazie are joined by MSU football coach Tyrone Wheatley, football student athlete Wesley Wolfolk, MSU tennis head coach Matthew Townes and tennis student athlete Mikeal Carpenter. 

Hosts Lamont Germany and Cayla Sweazie are joined by MSU football coach Tyrone Wheatley, Track and Field coach Neville Hodge, student athlete Rachel Field and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Dr. Edward Scott who discuss discipline, academic values and the impact of COVID-19. 

Hosts Lamont Germany and Cayla Sweazie are joined by Morgan State football coach Tyrone Wheatley, Morgan State volleyball coach Ramona Riley-Bozier and senior volleyball player Kendal Hoges who discuss their-season openers and look ahead to the return of NCAA Division I sports on campus.