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Dr. Kaye calls for action from Baltimore's mayoral candidates; Examines America's future in presidential race discussion

Segment aired March 8, 2024.

"If you want to be the next mayor of Baltimore City, do not tell me what you're going to do, show me what you have done and what you are doing."- Dr. Kaye

Dr. Kaye began the show by summarizing the recent mayoral candidate forum in Baltimore City, covering topics such as education, city services, the school board's role, and the CEO of schools' resignation.

The discussion also touched on bike lanes, the potential influence of a conservative base, and homelessness in the city. The conversation later shifted to corruption, faith, and the global state.

In the second hour, national news and the presidential race were discussed, with Dr. Kaye asking, "What kind of America do you want to live in?"

She reflected on the challenges faced by the Black community under different U.S. presidents and weighs in on racial inequality and reparations.

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