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In June 2019, attorney Warren Binford traveled to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in Clint, Texas. She was there on a routine visit to monitor the government's compliance with the Flores Settlement Agreement, which governs how long and under what conditions migrant children can be held in detention facilities.

April is National Poetry Month, a celebration of poets and poetry that's been in place for 25 years.

Last month, as the U.S. grieved over attacks against Asian Americans, NPR's Morning Edition collected poems on how people grapple with the increased violence and discrimination.

John Boehner On The 'Noisemakers' Of The Republican Party

Apr 12, 2021

John Boehner says he couldn't win an election as a Republican these days.

"I think I'd have a pretty tough time," he says. "I'm a conservative Republican, but I'm not crazy. And, you know, these days crazy gets elected. On the left and the right."

Boehner has a new memoir, On the House, about his time in politics.

#NPRPoetry: Mark Doty

Apr 11, 2021

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Tamika Palmer says the art exhibition dedicated to her daughter, Breonna Taylor, is everything she hoped it would be; it's peaceful, she says, "to be able to come to this place and just be filled with her spirit."

It's been nearly 13 months since Louisville Metro Police officers shot and killed Taylor in her home. Now a show in her honor is on view at Louisville's Speed Art Museum. It's called "Promise, Witness, Remembrance." Palmer never imagined her daughter would be memorialized this way.

In a narrow lane near Mumbai's docks, commuters on bicycles weave through the crowd as workers push wooden carts loaded with heavy burlap sacks into warehouses.

Thirty-eight-year-old laborer Mohammad Yaqoob unloads sacks full of marbles from a truck. When he gets tired and thirsty, he walks to an ornate stone structure in the middle of the bustling street. It's a drinking fountain, or pyau (sometimes spelled pyaav), as it's called in the local Hindi and Marathi languages.

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Jenn Wasner has been part of the indie rock duo Wye Oak since 2006. And on the side, she's collaborated with...

JENN WASNER: Sylvan Esso, Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, Helado Negro, Bon Iver.

How Yahoo! Answers Shaped The Internet

Apr 11, 2021

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An online corner for curious thinkers, a relic of a bygone Internet, Yahoo says it is shutting down its Q&A forum, Yahoo Answers.

JAISHREE KUMAR: Can you boil your earphones? Can you fall in love with a potato? How is baby formed? That was another one.

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In these three new romance novels, down-on-their-luck heroines experience a sudden change of fortune thanks to the arrival of a swoon-worthy bad boy, the unexpected inheritance of an old house and revelations about a forgotten past. With love, and a little help from their friends, they create their own happily ever afters.

Photographer Rahim Fortune focuses his work on sacred spaces that are often thought of as cultural celebrations.

One of those spaces is the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, a twice-yearly show where contestants from all over come to showcase their skills when it comes to styling Black hair.

In normal years the show brings 30,000 attendees to Atlanta.

Ally Love's regular Sunday classes, "Sundays with Love," have made the beloved spinning teacher a pandemic celebrity. We've invited Love to play a game called "Peloton? Meet Skele-ton." Three questions about bones.

Click the audio link above to find out how she does.

I'd like to salute the great comedy writer Anne Beatts with some her own words. Anne died this week at the age of 74. But many of her signature, boundary-breaking routines are tricky to quote on a Saturday morning radio show.

"I'm often accused of 'going too far,' " she once said. "Behind my desire to shock is an even stronger desire to evade the 'feminine stereotype.' You say women are afraid of mice? I'll show you! I'll eat the mouse!"

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As more people get their shots and begin to reemerge from pandemic hibernation, one exclamation seems to rise from towns all across America.

JENN CUBBAGE: Girl, what did you do to your hair?

The Small Business Administration yesterday launched with great fanfare a long awaited portal that would allow arts venues closed down by pandemic to apply for grant money to cover rent, utilities, insurance and other accumulated expenses. The site went live at noon, but was wracked with so many technical issues that the SBA decided to shut the portal down indefinitely.