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Nasim Pedrad

Apr 9, 2021

Before Nasim Pedrad impersonated Kim Kardashian and Ariana Huffington on Saturday Night Live, she impersonated Dora the Explorer at children's birthday parties. This was a low-budget operation, definitely not sanctioned by Nickelodeon. Pedrad had to assemble her own costume, complete with a backpack from Target. "Needless to say, parents were very disappointed when they opened the door and saw that they could've, like, asked a local cousin to do this same thing for free."

Idioms Around The World

Apr 9, 2021

Sasheer Zamata and Caitlin McGee (Home Economics) translate idioms from around the world. Don't get caught holding the candle!

Heard on Spring TV: 'Chad' & 'Home Economics!' Also, Reggie Watts

From the ABC sitcom Home Economics, Sasheer Zamata and Caitlin McGee listen to apologies from various movies and television shows. Sorry 'bout it!

Heard on Spring TV: 'Chad' & 'Home Economics!' Also, Reggie Watts

Alternative 80s

Apr 9, 2021

In this music parody game, Reggie Watts and Kate Berlant listen to alternative 1980s songs about things that happened in the 80s — of other centuries.

Heard on Spring TV: 'Chad' & 'Home Economics!' Also, Reggie Watts

Real Or Fake: Wellness Products

Apr 9, 2021

Inspired by comedian Kate Berlant's podcast POOG (GOOP, backwards), she and The Late Late Show's Reggie Watts guess if various wellness experiences are real or made up.

Heard on Spring TV: 'Chad' & 'Home Economics!' Also, Reggie Watts

Check-In: Study Buddy

Apr 9, 2021

The famously Canadian Ophira Eisenberg studies flashcards for her upcoming U.S. citizenship test.

Heard on Spring TV: 'Chad' & 'Home Economics!' Also, Reggie Watts

Rapper And Actor DMX Dead At 50

Apr 9, 2021

Updated April 9, 2021 at 1:47 PM ET

Earl Simmons, better known as the rapper DMX, died Friday at White Plains Hospital in White Plains, N.Y., according to a statement from his family. He had been on life support for the past few days following a heart attack. He was 50.

'The Nevers': When Steampunk Gets Foggy

Apr 9, 2021

Unfocused and overstuffed, the first four episodes of HBO's The Nevers provided to critics lack a sufficiently strong narrative backbone to support the surfeit of characters, subplots, themes and familiar storytelling tics thrown at the viewer. The series pairs all this tumult with a frustratingly incremental approach to disclosing What Is Really Going On; as a result, allegiances shift, plots twist and characters take actions for reasons we can only guess at — provided we're willing to bother.

"Crazy." "Moron." "Lunatic."

In his memoir On the House, Former Speaker John Boehner dishes on his past colleagues in Congress — with most of the harshest criticism directed at fellow Republicans. This becomes less surprising as he chronicles his slow burning disillusionment over the past decade with a GOP ultimately transformed and now defined by the ethos of former President Trump.

"I don't even think I could get elected in today's Republican Party anyway, just like I don't think Ronald Reagan could either," he concludes.

Youn Yuh-jung is an institution in Korean cinema. Her career spans five decades and includes starring roles in classic Korean films and famous TV dramas. Now, at 73, she has newfound fame in the U.S. for her role in the Oscar-nominated film Minari.

Youn is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, making her the first South Korean woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award in an acting category.

Sex Therapist Is 'Here To Help' In Her New Book Specifically For Women

Apr 8, 2021

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with sex therapist Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus about her upbringing, career, and advice from her new book Sex Points.

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The long-awaited lifeline for live venues impacted by the coronavirus shut downs is finally here. Owners of small music venues, independent movie theaters and some museums can now apply for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant — a $16 billion grant program set up and run by the Small Business Administration.

Neither the pandemic nor age can keep legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp from her work. During the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, Tharp, now 79, choreographed several dances through through Zoom. One was with four dancers — each of whom was in a different time zone.