April CD: Carmen Lundy's Code Noir

Apr 11, 2017

It’s been nearly 3 years since we’ve heard from vocalist Carmen Lundy. She’s back with a  stunning new CD, “CODE NOIR”, on Afrasia Records. 

On it, Lundy explores a variety of styles, weaving Jazz, Blues, Brazilian Samba and Pop together with some incredible messages that reflect not only how complex her mind is, but also the disparities of the world as a whole.

"These songs encompass the musical and artistic influences from the African diaspora and its influence on jazz and other musical genres – the bossa nova, the blues, swing, funk, the exploration into the avant-garde," says Lundy. "Yet they also encompass the many emotions that are prevalent in this country right now. We are going through tough times with a country that is sorely divided and many of these tracks reflect the feelings that we as human beings are going through on an individual level. CODE NOIR actually refers to the first law ever written by a person in power of a sovereign nation/empire - the King of France Louis XIV - the first law to disallow and make illegal the integration of the African race into white European society."

 Tune in all month long to hear various selections from the latest of vocalist Carmen Lundy, Code Noir, as it’s our CD of the Month here on Your Source for Cool Jazz & More, WEAA-FM.