Underwriting Disclaimer

Underwriting on WEAA

WEAA is a public radio station licensed to Morgan State University. One of the ways WEAA helps fund its programming and general operations is by seeking corporate support from corporations, foundations , associations and businesses. FCC regulations govern all corporate support announcements by public radio stations and NPR. The regulations require stations and NPR to provide on-air recognition of funders while stipulating that these credit announcements are strictly for identification; they cannot be promotional.





In establishing its on-air credit guidelines, WEAA is sensitive to the expectations of the public radio audience and remains faithful to public radio’s mandate to provide educational, cultural and informational programs independent of commercial obligations or influence. Funds may be accepted from any source. However, WEAA reserves the right to turn down funding if there is any conflict of interest or possible perception of influence on program content. 

Public radio uses the term underwriting instead of advertising. Since Public Radio is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station, we fall under a different set of guidelines that govern how we operate






What We Can Say About You

• The name of your business

• The location and phone number where our listeners can reach you

• Audio logo-grams or slogans that identify and do not promote

• Value-neutral descriptions of products or services

• Brand and trade names of product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language


Underwriting Questions:  

Kelle’ Avent   443 885-4527  

Malarie Pinkard Pierre 443 885-4528