Baltimore sets up for more "Magic" investments

Jul 27, 2018

National icon Magic Johnson has his sights on Baltimore.  The five-time NBA champion and current president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers met Thursday with Mayor Catherine Pugh about bringing jobs to the city. 

Johnson says he’s already turned around the Harlem neighborhood in New York and now wants to do the same for Baltimore through his business enterprises. “We can develop. I’ve built movie theaters before, I’ve built mixed use—right there at Johns Hopkins University,” said Johnson. “I’m involved with Starbucks. We’ve built 125 around the country, and then we have an infrastructure fund. We have $300 million. Baltimore has great leadership now,and I’m looking forward to working with Mayor [Catherine] Pugh and her time—and here we go! Baltimore you’re the magic city, here comes the 'Magic' man!"

Johnson says he plans to come back in September to walk through the city.