WEAA PRESENTS:Sponsorship For A Day

Sep 22, 2018

Beginning on September 22, 2018 during the “Oldies But Goodies Extravaganza w/Robert Shahid”, we are launching Day Sponsorships on WEAA. This will be an opportunity to give our listener’s airtime as a result of their donations to WEAA before the Membership Drive. 

With a special donation, the sponsor will be given the  opportunity to offer recognition to a loved one with a congratulatory wish on their special day.  The donation will allow a sponsor to honor the person with  three mentions at  :05, :30  and :55 past the hour of the specified program. The sponsor will be allowed to sponsor the show hour with birthday, anniversary, retirement, or new baby congratulatory messages. For more information, please contact the WEAA front desk at 443-885-4528



  • Breaking news, special coverage or technical difficulty may preempt a message

  • There is no fair market value for day sponsorships. The entire amount of your contribution may be tax deductible. Please consult your financial advisor.

  • Messages must be personal in nature and may not include political content, promotional or controversial language or contact information.

  • All messages are subject to editing for length, format and compliance with FCC guidelines.