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Two Way Talk: Importance of donations, community support for public radio

During this broadcast, Deanna Neal starts the show by diving into a range of pressing topics, including former Ravens star Terrell Suggs arrested, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, FBI drone responses, Maryland's sports betting, and the abortion stances of President Biden and former President Trump.

Following the discussions, Neal highlights the urgent need for donations to support WEAA and public radio, with a focus on the crucial role of Morgan State University in this effort.

Jackie Jones, Dean of MSU's School of Global Journalism & Communication and Crystal Berger, journalist and founder of EBO join the conversation to underscore the importance of WEAA's Spring Membership Drive.

They emphasize that every donation, regardless of size, plays a vital role in sustaining the station's operations and ensuring its continued ability to serve the community.

Reverend Angela Wainwright and other guests share their personal stories to inspire listeners to give.

They highlight the sense of community that WEAA fosters and emphasize the tax benefits of charitable donations.