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Celebrating Women's History Month: Rapelang Rabana

RapelangRabana is a technology and internet entrepreneur in the Silicon Cape, Cape Town, and founder of ReKindle Learning which delivers learning solutions on mobile devices grounded in the leading and most effective learning paradigms and methodologies for both school-goers and corporate employees. She has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Grindstone, and serves as the Chairperson for Ubuntu Africa Child Healthcare, an NGO providing lifesaving health and support services exclusively to children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

After graduating, the young entrepreneur  had fears of enter the workforce. “I genuinely didn’t think that getting a job made any sense. It was not out of trying to be rebellious or brave,” Rabana told Ventures Africa in 2012. “Getting a job scared me on many levels. On one level, I was scared about who I would become – I believe that how we spend our time, what we spent our time doing, what ends up taking our attention, thoughts and energy, has a huge influence on who we become, and in a big corporate environment, the degree to which I could control that, seemed very limited.”

When asked for advice she would give to young African men and women who have recently graduated and are faced with long-term unemployment prospects, she said there will never be enough jobs for all of the young people today -- so more must become entrepreneurs like herself.

“Develop your mind. More than ever, there is so much to learn, so much to know, so many different things to do. The opportunities to be whoever you want to be have never been more accessible to those who pursue their dreams.”

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