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Pugh calls on creditors to give relief to fed employees in shutdown

City of Baltimore website
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is calling on all City and State mortgage lenders, creditors and major utility providers - including Baltimore City Department of Public Works - to provide every accommodation, including the waiver of late fees, for all furloughed Federal employees and contractors.

Here is Mayor’s Pugh’s full statement released Monday:

"Today, I am calling on all banks, mortgage lenders and other creditors operating in the City of Baltimore and State of Maryland to give every consideration to Federal employees and contractors during what may continue to be a prolonged impasse between Congress and the Administration. Moreover, I have instructed our Department of Public Works to give City residents who are either Federal employees or contractors additional time to pay their water bills without penalty, until this shutdown is ended. I have further contacted the leadership of BGE as well, which is developing a plan to likewise provide assistance to those Federal employees and contractors affected by the shutdown. In addition, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City has been instructed to utilize reserve funds in order to continue to pay employees, landlords and vendors. I am continuing to reach out to our financial institutions to urge their cooperation and accommodation for City residents affected by the prolonged furlough. It is unacceptable that Federal employees have become pawns in what is clearly a political game. I urge the Administration and Members of Congress to get our government back to work for the citizens of Baltimore, the State of Maryland - and our entire nation."