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West Coast favoritism comes up short at Maryland Super Bowl party

ByJulian Revelle with SGJC Student News Network

TOWSON, Maryland – On this Super Bowl Sunday as the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers and AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs battled in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, most of the crowd here at the Greene Turtle restaurant was channeled into helping the San Francisco 49ers win the game.

[At 10:30 p.m. the game was in overtime, deadlocked 19-19. In the end, at 10:45 p.m., Kansas City won 25-22, scoring a touchdown that beat San Francisco’s overtime go-ahead field goal.]

Every time the 49ers got a stop or a turnover, fans here would explode in joy. If the Chiefs advanced, most of the attendees booed mercilessly.

“I’m not worried about the game because my team ain't in it,” said Dontae Jones of Baltimore, a Ravens fan. “I put money on it of course,” he added excitedly.

Jones said he did not want Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a two-time Super Bowl champion, to win.

Fans who flocked to this Greene Turtle just to watch this game came from Las Vegas, Kansas City, and Baltimore to watch the biggest spectacle in sports history.

The 49ers dominated the first half as it seemed as if the 49ers were going to blow out the chiefs. It seemed as if San Francisco had an answer for Kansas City stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

But as the game kept going until the end you could feel the rollercoaster of emotions as the game swung back and forth during the second half.

At times it seemed the roof of the Greene Turtle was going to come off as fans were screaming, and cheering for SF quarterback Brock Purdy to win the bowl game.

Diron Staton, of Washington, D.C. traveled 1 ½ hours to watch the game here, He said, “I would love for San Francisco to win. Kansas City already had its turn.”

The writer is a student in the school of Global Journalism and Communication.