Neil Mattei

Host, The Caribbean Affair

Neil Mattei, the musical prime minister, is the host of The Caribbean Affair, which airs on WEAA on Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. He has been affiliated with WEAA since 1978, and became host of The Caribbean Affair in1982 when the program was only on for four hours each week. His program has grown to include The Caribbean Exchange, "What's Happening," and the "Caribbean News Update." Neil was born in San Juan, Trinidad, and made Baltimore his home in 1970. Neil started pursuing his musical passion as a DJ playing at a variety of community events. He later became a founding member of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Baltimore, and is one of the original members of De Four of Us Productions. Neil is a husband and father of three, one whom he calls “The Junior PM.” Neil stays active and visible in the Caribbean community hosting a variety of events.

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