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Dr. Kaye examines Key Bridge's impact, talks school prayer, commercialization of religion

During this broadcast, Dr. Kaye examines the economic repercussions and water contamination concerns stemming from the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

She also weighs in on the complexities of school prayer and the commercialization of religion.

Special guests include Baltimore mayoral candidates Sheila Dixon and Bob Wallace.

They share their plans on how to move Baltimore forward if elected, emphasizing the need for community resilience and infrastructure improvements in the wake of the bridge collapse.

Additionally, the conversation touches on Governor Wes Moore's newfound international spotlight and the challenges faced by leaders during times of crisis.

Dr. Kaye and guests also weigh in on critics blaming the tragedy on diversity, equity and inclusion policies and labeling Mayor Brandon Scott as a "DEI mayor".

"Listen, I know and we all know and you know very well that Black men and young Black men in particular have been the boogeyman for those who are racist and think that only straight wealthy white men should have a say in anything,” Mayor Scott said. “What they mean by DEI, in my opinion, is duly elected incumbent. We know what they want to say but they don’t have the courage to say the N-word.”

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