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Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox attends forum at Morgan State University

By Cayla Cade with the SGJC Student News Network

Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox attended an hour-long gubernatorial forum at Morgan State University on September 27.

Cox was joined by a panel featuring NBC correspondent Atonia Hylton; MSU Spokesman editor-in chief Jordan D. Brown; MSU Spokesman managing editor Trae Mitchell; and WEAA student host Lena Jackson of the Morgan News Hour.

The forum was sponsored by The Spokesman which is the university's online publication. The newspaper extended the invite to Democratic Maryland Governor candidate Wes Moore.

In a recent video uploaded by Baltimore Banner politics reporter Pamela Wood, Cox asked Moore why he didn’t attend the forum. Moore politely ignored the question and continued walking.

However, according to Jordan Brown, Allisa Mason, scheduling director for Moore’s campaign, declined The Spokesman’s invitation on her candidate’s behalf.

Moore is expected to come to the university on October 20 for his Maryland Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

At the forum, Cox was asked questions by the student reporters and Hylton about critical race theory, abortion, vaccinations, his plans if elected, and his involvement in the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Cox said, “I will ban on day one, the vaccine mandate. I am pro-vaccine but to go to college and say you can’t go to college like many students that I've helped, as a state delegate, who had simply a question, maybe they had a medical issue, maybe there was a religious exemption issue, but they were being denied entry to class. That's not America. That's not Maryland.”

Cox explained how unlike him, Moore requires vaccine papers for his events.. “That's not our future,” he said.

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