Strictly Hip Hop

Saturdays, midnight-5 a.m.
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Strictly Hip Hop is the longest running urban radio hip-hop show in Baltimore’s history. Since its inception in 1990, the show has been the area’s leading source for authentic hip hop and cultural commentaries. It focuses on true and pure unadulterated hip hop—hence the name Strictly Hip Hop—and the show has proven to be a veteran and industry leader. Hosted by Vegas, its precise mixture of underground and mainstream hip hop has always been hosted and produced by Morgan State University students and alumni. 

There are three main goals for the show: to preserve the traditional sound of hip-hop music (songs not limited to, but which may exhibit lyrical skill, storytelling, braggadocios bravado, sampling, heavy drums, emcee battle influence, and/or imaginative creativity); to provide an alternative sound in opposition to mainstream radio programming; and to provide up-to-date, fresh perspectives on hip-hop music, culture, and how it exists today.

Strictly Hip-Hop Celebrates 25 Years

May 8, 2015

Baltimore’s premier source for authentic hip-hop and culture, WEAA’s Strictly Hip-Hop, will celebrate 25 years on the air with a 24-hour live broadcast. The program will begin at midnight on May 9, and will feature Strictly hosts and DJs from the past and present. Special segments will discuss the growth of hip-hop culture and how Strictly Hip-Hop has influenced the music scene not only on Morgan’s campus but around Baltimore and beyond since its creation in April 1990.