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Ellison Report April 27: Black Teens & Social Media; First 100 Days; Federal Gov't Funding Showdown

The Ellison Report is a weekly digest of politics, policy, and the people. This week, UMBC Professor Kimberly Moffitt guests hosts.

PART I: Derrick A. Watkins, writer and photographer and a single dad to a teenage son, discusses boys and trauma of absent fathers and its impact in our schools. Watkins has an upcoming show and fundraiser entitled, "For Sons of Absent Fathers," a one-man show on 7.9.17 at the Eubie Blake Center.  

PART II: Dr. Russell Robinson, assistant professor of mass communication at North Carolina Central University, will discuss Black teens and social media. His research focuses on social media usage and he has a forthcoming volume entitled “Hashtag Activism.”

PART III: Andra Gillespie, political science professor at Emory University, will examine the first 100 days of the Trump administration, how important or how meaningful that is and how much impact it has had on Black America.  And: how has Black America, particularly the advocacy and political class, responded?

PART IV: Alex Rowell, Senior Economic Policy Associate at the Center for American Progress, will offer insight on the recent federal government funding showdown, how government shutdowns and near-shutdowns are becoming too frequent.  Thoughts on why the federal budget is so important as an economic driver, how government shutdowns impact citizens and programs and why lawmakers must stop budgeting by crisis.