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BALTIMORE, MD (WEAA) — Chocolate covered cicadas are on the menu at a candy shop in Gaithersburg, Maryland and according to their website, the limited edition treat is in high demand. 

Billions of the loud, red-eyed bugs are reemerging after 17 years below ground.


For some people, the thought of eating a cicada may turn stomachs, but there are others who are taking advantage of the opportunity to indulge in the gluten-free, low-carb critters. 


Nature at its craziest: Trillions of cicadas about to emerge

May 5, 2021

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — Trillions of cicadas are about to emerge from 15 U.S. states.

Scientists say Brood X (as in 10, not the letter) is one of the biggest for these bugs that come out only once every 17 years.

After years quietly underground, the red-eyed black backed bugs emerge in a weird spectacle involving a race against everything trying to eat them, singing in the treetops, sex, death and plummeting to the ground.

Bug- Appétit: Cicada Tacos

Apr 27, 2021
(Steven D. Bailey / Lake County News-Sun)

Gluten-free, low carb, and vegetarian fed, cicadas are also known for being full of vitamins, minerals, and are a rich source of protein. Even though the thought of eating an insect is unappetizing to many, there are a variety of ways dauntless individuals can prepare a safe and tasty meal. Many dishes include cicada rhubarb pie, fried cicadas and cicada soup, but have you ever thought of cicada tacos? Believe it or not, many taco lovers have enjoyed the recipe below:

Cicada-licious: An overlooked delicacy

Apr 27, 2021
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(WEAA) - As we all know, cicadas will be making their debut towards the end of May and will live above ground from four to six weeks. They’ll begin to die off between late June and early July after mating and laying hundreds of eggs. Although most individuals look at cicadas in disgust and express a great deal of fear over the insect, some are adventurous enough to consume the creepy crawlers!

Cicadas expected to be fish ‘filet mignon’ in Pennsylvania

Apr 19, 2021

ERIE, Pa. (AP) — Anglers are expecting a fisherman’s paradise toward the end of May in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Brood X cicadas are expected to emerge after a 17-year slumber and the high-protein insects are delicious food for a variety of fish.

Eric Hussar of Lewisburg, a commissioner with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, is looking forward to the cicada hatch.

He said you can catch trout and bass with these insects. “Any type of predatory fish will eat them,” Hussar said, recalling the last time he fished during an emergence of cicadas.

Cicadas will soon invade the state of Maryland

Apr 12, 2021

Brood X, a new generation of cicadas, will begin to show up in Maryland in the next few weeks,  after a 17-year-long hiatus.

These periodical cicadas  — cicadas that emerge every 17 years — are only found along the eastern half of the United States, according to experts.

Experts say the red-eyed, “straw-nosed” bug will begin to show up as early as late April, will fully emerge by the beginning of May and last until June.

Region’s largest brood of cicadas will emerge this year

Mar 8, 2021

BALTIMORE (AP) — The region’s largest brood of cicadas will emerge this year.

The Baltimore Sun reported last week that scientists are rejoicing over the once-every-17-years event.

Millions of cicadas are likely to rise from the ground around mid- to late May.

The insects will stick around for two to four weeks.

The cicadas will breed and leave behind the next generation. It will surface in 2038. The winged singers are part of a group called Brood X or Brood Ten.

They will be hard to miss because their calls can approach 100 decibels.